Category: Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro – Group Discount Codes Add On
Version: .3.2

Adds features to PMPro to better manage grouped discount codes or large numbers of unique discount codes with the same …

Paid Memberships Pro – Subscription Delays Addon
Version: .4.6

This Add On adds a “delay” field to membership levels and discount codes, allowing you to set a variable-length period …

Paid Memberships Pro – Add Member Admin
Version: .3

Allow admins to add members in the WP dashboard. Allow Administrator and Membership Manager roles to add members in 1-step …

Paid Memberships Pro – Proration Add On
Version: .3

Simple proration for membership upgrades and downgrades to maintain a member’s payment date and adjust initial payment at membership checkout. …

Paid Memberships Pro – Download Monitor Integration Add On
Version: .2.1

Require membership for downloads when using the Download Monitor plugin. The Download Monitor Integration Add On for Paid Memberships Pro …

Paid Memberships Pro – Invite Only Add On
Version: .3.4

Require an invite code to sign up for the specified Membership Levels (works for free or paid levels). After membership …

Paid Memberships Pro – User Pages Add On
Version: .6

Creates a unique page for each Member after checkout, giving the Admin access to write customized content for each specific …

Paid Memberships Pro – Variable Prices Add On
Version: .4

Allow customers to set their own price when checking out for your membership levels. This plugin is useful for “donation-type” …

Paid Memberships Pro – Developer’s Toolkit
Version: .5

Collection of tools for sandbox and development sites running Paid Memberships Pro.

Paid Memberships Pro – WP Affiliate Platform Integration
Version: .3.1.1

Process an affiliate via WP Affiliate Platform after a PMPro checkout. This plugin requires that both WP Affiliate Platform and …

Paid Memberships Pro – VAT Tax
Version: .5.2

Calculate VAT tax at checkout and allow customers with a VAT Number to avoid the tax. How it Works This …

Paid Memberships Pro – Subscription Check Add On
Version: .2

Checks whether PayPal/Stripe/ subscriptions for PMPro members are still active.

Paid Memberships Pro – Strong Passwords
Version: .1

Require members to use “Strong” passwords based on required characters. This function checks to make sure the user has submitted …

Paid Memberships Pro – State Dropdowns Add On
Version: 0.1

Allow Users to select a Country and a State from dropdown selection fields on your checkout page. Adds a Country …