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Changelog: Nulled Dokan Pro – Multi-vendor Marketplace Version 2.9.8

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– [new] Add Report Abuse for customer (Module)
– [new] Allow adding new vendor from the admin backend
– [new] Add restricted days functionality in dokan booking (Booking)
– [new] Enable SPMV for admins to duplicate products from admin panel (Single Product Multi Vendor)
– [fix] Prevent sending REST request when feature is not active (Store Category)
– [fix] Fix store category list table search form (Store Category)
– [fix] Make Auction Integration module compatible (Geolocation)
– [fix] Vendor store settings uniform class names
– [fix] There is no order id in booking order (Booking)
– [fix] Localize auction date time picker (Auction)
– [fix] RMA Warranty Request is appearning even though the customer wans’t (RMA)
– [fix] Subscription form is rendering twice in registration form (Vendor Subscription)
– [fix] Cancel subscription doesn’t work for manually assigned subscription (Vendor Subscription)
– [fix] Subscription is redirecting to seller setup wizard even for previous user and upgrading package (Vendor Subscription)
– [fix] Add wilecard and range matching for vendor shipping zone
– [fix] Product attributes with different language other than english was rendering incorrectly
– [fix] There are two dashboard when vendor staff module is active (Vendor Staff)
– [fix] This seller is not connected to stripe notice is appearing for subscription product (Stripe)
– [fix] While creating subscription from plan, inherit trial details from plan (Vendor Subscription)
– [fix] Conflict between social login & vendor verification with sessions (Social Login & Vendor Verification)
– [tweak] Add hook in product editing form (Booking)
– [tweak] Make delay while searching vendor in backend report page
– [tweak] Sanitize various input fields (Store Support, Store Review & RMA)
– [tweak] Show column title in exported CSV logs (Report All Logs)
– [tweak] Subscription handeling with paypal (Vendor Subscription)
– [tweak] Replace get_woocommerce_term_meta with get_term_meta as it was deprecated
– [tweak] Define constants variables in the constructor method so that it works on module activation

for version 2.9.8
Nulled Dokan Pro
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