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Changelog: Nulled iThemes Security Pro Version 5.9.3

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Important: Replace Google QR Code API with an iThemes Security hosted solution. Google’s API will be shutdown on March 14th, 2019. If you’d like to generate QR codes locally, a plugin is available in the members panel under “Plugins”: iThemes Security – Local QR Code.
Enhancement: Add support for deleting dashboards.
Enhancement: Order cards in the dashboard widget in the same order as the mobile breakpoint in the Security Dashboard.
Enhancement: New WP-CLI command for retrieving, releasing and creating lockouts.
Tweak: Improve dashboard a11y.
Tweak: Improve dashboard performance by decreasing the bundle size, improving cache stability, and async loading less used libraries.
Tweak: Allow the log description column to word break for URLs or other strings with no spaces.
Bug Fix: Hide Backend bypass on certain Apache configurations.
Bug Fix: Properly return error that occurs during a backup.
Bug Fix: Regex warning on PHP 7.3 in the File Change module.
Bug Fix: Resolve warning when a user is set to “No Role”.
Bug Fix: Removing the last role or user from a shared dashboard would not work.

for version 5.9.3
Nulled iThemes Security Pro
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